Where African American History Is American History


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Hidden Gem!!!

One episode in and already inspired and hooked. Dominic is a fantastic storyteller and I look forward to hearing more stories like Lt. Fox’s.

Excellent Podcast about Black History

Kudos to Dom who has put together an excellent concept with this podcast which sheds light on so many great stories from our history which we don’t always hear about. All the details are there- great storytelling, music and facts!

Absolute great show!

Great dialogue, great host, all around great show! The history lesson is easy to take in. It’s informative and entertaining. The recipe of getting a good point across. 🔝🔝🔝

Such a great podcast

The audio production is on point and the storytelling is so engaging. I love it

Blown Away

Being a podcaster myself, I recognize and appreciate the time and talent it takes to produce such a smooth presentation. A technical masterpiece. And Dominic orchestrate a great story within each episode. Keep it up and I look forward to listening to more episodes soon.

Great Podcast

Such a great podcast. I enjoyed the pacing, energy, and information. Thank you Dominic!

Great Show!!!

This is damn good! I love the storytelling and clips from different people, the sound effects are dope, starting the story then introducing the show is so good.

Award-Winning Podcast

OMG!! Just started listening and I love it. I was hooked after the first 3 seconds. Great flow after the podcast intro. This is an AWARD-WINNING podcast. You've truly created something special with this one.

Awesome Storytelling

The production on this one is top-notch, from the compelling storytelling, to the engaging content. It really draws you in and educates you at the same time. Keep up the great work on this one, these are powerful stories!

The #1 Best Educational Podcast of 2022

Black Is America Podcast highlights little-known African-American figures and stories that need to be heard by all. Dominic is a tremendous orator, and his ability to captivate the listener is uncanny. I literally listen with so much anticipation! This Podcast is very informative and educational. I recommend it to everyone!!!!


I wish I could give this 10 stars, considering the way Dominic captures the audience from the beginning, painting a vivid scene that make you forget you’re actually listening to a podcast! He has truly mastered his craft as a Podcaster!!

Another Owls Masterpiece is Coming!

Great Trailer! Looking forward to the amazing episodes. Kenda and Dominic are powerhouses who continue to cultivate experiences of excellence.