Where African American History Is American History
Feb. 1, 2023

Welcome to Black History Month

Welcome to Black History Month

From slavery's chains to Civil Rights gains,

Black history tells a story of pain.

But through it all, a people strong,

With courage, hope, and spirit long.

From cotton fields to corporate deals,

We've come so far, but still we feel

The weight of racism's bitter past,

And work to make this nation last.

With leaders bold and movements grand,

We've made our voices heard throughout the land.

From Douglass to Obama, truth to tell,

We've broken barriers, and shattered the shell.

But the fight for freedom's not yet won,

We'll continue till justice is done.

For every black life lost, a debt unpaid,

We'll march and speak till all are made.

The poem of Black history tells of struggle and strife,

But also one of love, courage, and life.

We must never forget where we came from. To build a better future for all.